Ballaghaderreen & District Credit Union Limited currently offers 3 loan products.

Loans that fit perfectly

 Standard Loan

This product is available to all members for any provident or productive purpose.

The loan rate for this product is 10.2% (APR 10.75%)


 Secure Loan

This product is available to all members who apply for a loan fully secured by shares.

The loan rate for this product is 5.5%


 Education Loan

This product is available to all members for 3rd level expenses. Proof of Loan purpose will be required. Where students are borrowing members a suitable guarantor will be required.

The education loan rate is 6.0%


What is a student loan for? 

For most people, the transition into third level education is a major change. Whether you’re living at home with your folks, in lodgings, an apartment or a house-share, student life means a whole new way of living. You have more choices to make- when to study, when to work, when to have fun and how to look after your money. 

A student loan can help you in many ways, whether its to pay for registration fees, rent, books, course material or just living expenses. At this expensive stage in life, you’ll find your local Credit Union is there to help you. 

Student loan

There are no fees, no transaction charges, no penalties for early repayment and your interest repayments go down as the loan is repaid. 

Your student loan is also insured at no direct cost to you the member.  


Your Credit Union will quote you a competitive interest rate, compare them- along with other benefits- and you’ll find a Credit Union loan is low risk, low cost and high value.       



 Eligibility terms and conditions apply to each product

~Please ask our staff for more details~